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3.2 Using Code Checker for MATLAB from Simulink

The checks are directly accessible from the Model Advisor. There are two ways to use the checks within the Model Advisor; either configure the checks within the Model Advisor, or select a configuration from the GUI. To configure and run the checks from the Model Advisor, use the CC4M node in the “By Product” section of the tree (see Figure 3.1↓-(a) and 3.2↓). Furthermore the predefined configurations shipped Code Checker for MATLAB and your own configurations are available from the “CC4M Tasks” section, see Figure 3.1↓-(b) .
figure images/ma_product_node.png (a) figure images/ma_task_node.png (b)
Figure 3.1 Options to use the Model Advisor: (a) - configure from the Model Advisor or (b) - run the configurations from the GUI.
figure images/ma_integration_full.png
Figure 3.2 Example to configure and run a check from the “By Product” node. The report shown is generated from the sldemo_radar_eml example model. This model includes MATLAB Function blocks and is shipped as a demo with Simulink.
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