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11 Version information

Code Checker for MATLAB
April 2022 2.10.0 1.1 Included documentation of the Pro Features.
December 2020 2.6.0 1.1 Documented the predefined configurations and the MATLAB project integration.
October 2020 2.5.0 1.1 Removed documentation on the old GUI (no longer supported) and manual editing of the configuration file (no longer recommended).
May 2020 2.4.0 1.1 Documented the Configuration Editor and several new checks.
August 2019 2.3.0 1.1 Improved report, added eleven new checks, and added auto-fixes for three tests. Improved reliability of code analysis and Code Checker for MATLAB checks.
April 2019 2.2.3 1.1 Added exemptions and expanded object detection. Added Live Editor file support.
December 2018 2.1.2 1.1 New GUI available. Added limited object detection.
June 2018 2.1.0 1.1 Documented all checks and described parameter configurations
November 2017 2.0.0 1.0 Code Checker for MATLAB no longer dependent on Simulink Validation & Verification / Simulink Checks
Table 11.1 Document version information
In order to upgrade Code Checker for MATLAB to a newer version, obtain the toolbox you wish to install and then follow the steps described in this forum post. This process requires closing and restarting MATLAB, so it is advised to save your work and close all other running MATLAB sessions prior to starting the upgrade.
The first time using Code Checker for MATLAB, you can check if installation succeeded by calling monkeyproof.cc4m.start. The user interface should pop up.
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