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4.1 Opening the Configuration Editor

The Configuration Editor can be opened in multiple ways:
As the Configuration Editor opens, the active configuration file is validated against a Schema file. If it succeeds, you will see an interface as shown in Figure 4.1↓. If the Schema validation fails, you will see a message describing why it fails. The configuration file can not be loaded and you will have to either open another configuration file, or edit the current configuration file in a text editor and try to open it in the Configuration Editor again.
After successfully opening your file, you will see the following things:
If you already have an opened Configuration Editor in the current MATLAB session, the actions listed above will simply bring the window forward. Remark: In MATLAB R2017b, minimized Configuration Editor windows will remain minimized when one of these actions are performed. Resizing the application may not work properly for MATLAB R2017b. Maximizing the window makes sure all controls are at least accessible.
figure images/ConfigurationEditorAtStart.png
Figure 4.1 The Configuration Editor after it has just opened
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