Checks if all MATLAB-installed functions that are used by the checked code were introduced before or at the first supported MATLAB release of the code. For example, if your configuration states that the first supported MATLAB release is R2016b, this check will report all calls to MATLAB-installed functions that were introduced in R2017a and later. It is advised to run this check on the most recent MATLAB release you have available to see the best results (see the limitation).

Configurable parameters

  • FirstSupportedRelease (string): Can be any value between 2006a and the latest supported MATLAB release. The default value is 2017b.

  • ViolationUniqueness(list): Specify if you want to see unique violations global, per file or all violations. By default, this parameter is set to All.


  • CC4M can only detect calls to MATLAB-installed functions if they were at least introduced in the MATLAB release you are currently using. Consider a parameter configuration that specifies that the checked code must run on R2016b. Calls to functions introduced in R2018b will only be detected as MATLAB-installed functions if CC4M is run on R2018b or later. This means that running this check using MATLAB R2016b will not result in a violation for that MATLAB-installed function.

Exemption tag: %@ok<BFCNC>