reportVariables provides a list of all variables defined in the file that is checked. For every variable, the following data is given:

  • The name of the variable and a link to the line on which the variable is initiated.

  • The scope of the variable. The scope indicates the function that has knowledge of the variable. In case of shared variables in nested functions, only the function scopes where variables are assigned or updated are mentioned in the report.

  • The type of the variable. This can be: Input, Output, Input & Output, Shared (nested), Global or Persistent. In case of an empty Type, the variable is a local variable.

  • The data type of the variable. In case the data type is detected, it will be reported.

  • The use of the variable - if it is a constant, a computed index (For example: a = find(``[``0 0 1``]``);) or the index of a FOR-loop.

Exemption tag: %@ok<RVARI>