Checks if command syntax statements are used in the code. Readability and maintanability of the code decreases by the use of command syntax statements.

Here an example, avoid

fcn in1 in2

Instead use

fcn("in1", "in2")

Configurable parameter

  • FixWithDoubleQuotes (boolean): Set to true to make the auto-fix option fix the violations with double quotes. If set to false, single quotes are used by the auto-fix. The default value for this parameter is true.

This check has an auto-fixer. Clicking the Fix all button in the report fixes all violations for this check, clicking the Fix all in this file button fixes all violations for this check for one file. You can use the Fix on this line button to apply the fix to the violations in an individual block of code. The auto-fixer adds quotes and brackets around the input arguments. For more information, see section Automatic fixes.

Exemption tag: %@ok<COSYN>