Checks if commas, semicolons and keywords are followed by a space. Per default, this does not report commas, semicolons and keywords that are only followed by white space until the end of the line. This check also does not report any violations that are found in strings or comments. Enable this check to help improve readability of the code.

All MATLAB keywords in alphabetical order are: arguments (from R2019b), break, case, catch, classdef, continue, else, elseif, end, for, function, global, if, otherwise, parfor, persistent, return, spmd, switch, try and while.

This check has an auto-fixer as well. Clicking the Fix all button in the report fixes all violations for this check, clicking the Fix all in this file button fixes all violations for this check for one file. The Fix on this line button applies the fix on one indivual line. For more information, see section Automatic fixes. In the HTML report at most one violation of the same type per line of code will be shown for this check.

Exemption tag: %@ok<FOLSP>