reportFunctions gives a list of all functions defined in the file, including nested functions and sub functions. For every function, the following data is given:

  • The name of the function and a link to its definition

  • The type of function (constructor, method, function, sub-function, nested function)

  • The number of inputs and outputs of the function

  • Whether or not the function ends with end

Note: this does not report declarations of methods whose function is defined in a separate file. For example, the following method definition will be reported:

methods (Static)
    function nrOut = powerSix(nrIn)
        nrOut = nrIn^6;

but the next method declaration (with powerSix in a separate function file) will not:

methods (Static)
    nrOut = powerSix(nrIn)

Exemption tag: %@ok<RFUNC>