Checks if the string data type is used in the code. The string data type was introduced in MATLAB R2016b and the double quote notation was introduced in MATLAB R2017a. For backwards compatibility purposes, it can therefore be desired not to use this data type. It may also be for consistency reasons that you want to check if this data type is used. This check reports a violation when the double quote notation is used to indicate a string or when the MATLAB-installed string() or strings() function is used. When multiple strings are defined on a single line using double quotes, only the first violation is reported. In the HTML report at most one violation of the same type per line of code will be shown for this check.

Note that this check only reports the cases described above. This mostly means that MATLAB-installed functions that can output a string are not reported as violations. For example: data = readtable('test.csv', 'TextType', 'string'); will output a table containing strings, but no violation is reported.

Exemption tag: %@ok<STRDT>