Checks if all function calls without input arguments have empty parentheses. Most importantly, using empty parentheses instead of leaving them out helps to distinguish between accessing an object's properties and using it's methods. Additionally, it clearly shows where functions are called. In order to prevent copious amounts of fails to this check, a number of MATLAB-installed functions will be ignored when called with no input arguments and with no empty parentheses. These are: false, true, pi, eps, nargin, nargout, mfilename, pwd, cd, Inf, NaN, clc, clear, rand, randn, i, j, filesep, tempname, tempdir, drawnow, NaT, date and now.

This check has an auto-fixer as well. Clicking the Fix all button in the report fixes all violations for this check, clicking the Fix all in this file button fixes all violations for this check for one file. The Fix on this line button applies the fix on one indivual line. For more information, see section Automatic fixes.

Configurable parameters

  • Exceptions (list): A list of additional functions that do not require empty parentheses when called with no input arguments.

  • IgnoreBuilt-ins (boolean): Set to true to have this check ignore MATLAB-installed functions and toolbox functions. If set to true, function names in the Exceptions list are still taken into account.


  • Does not report calls to methods that have no input arguments besides an object and no empty parentheses. For example params = obj.getParameters will not be reported by this check.

Exemption tag: %@ok<INPAR>